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October, 2023

October 2022

Drawing from Experience

See the Complete Series here: ACHE

Here is a new series that's just begun. I will admit that I have been reluctant to release images of my inner landscape for fear that the sight of them would crush me somehow. There's so much pain wanting to be free.  Instead, I'm finding the sight of them almost calming because I can "See" them now.  They've become somewhat manageable.  But also, I have these strange feelings of welcoming them "To the table" as Rumi once said.  There is so much truth in the idea that facing your demons will make you stronger.  This, I now understand in yet another new way. 

February 2022

New Watercolor Series Has Begun!

To Have and Hold.  So many of us miss holding our loved ones.  Many older adults are still in isolation longing desperately to see their families again. Covid has separated us but soon we can embrace again without the fear of dying depending on how you take care of yourself.  I celebrate and in essence manifest the act of holding each other again. Here is just a sampling of what's to come

Pop Pop.jpg

New Head-shot 2/2022

Photo Portrait by

Ocean Morisset


So here I am entering yet another year of the pandemic but on the brink of opening up.  Am I ready?  Am I open to a new world in this new life? I so am!

The way I see it is once we completely open up, all we have been holding inside will release!  And yes, I am so ready for that.

Prince ~ Painted 12/2021

Commissioned Portrait


One of my wonderful clients simply loves my portraits.  The lovely Lynne had commissioned me yet again to paint the artist formerly known as Prince! It was a joy to do for the woman who gazes upon these paintings of her beloved idols that inspire her with her own singing!

Prince 5.5.jpg

Amanda Gorman ~ Painted 8/11/2021

Alone in my living room I watched the inauguration of the new president in 2021.  Just days before, an angry and armed mob of confederate flag waving Trump supporters attacked our capitol.  And here I was watching a 22 year old black women read her poem saying we have "A nation that isn't broken, but simply unfinished". I really needed to hear hear those words that day.  She breathed a breath of life into the broken and terrified mess I was.  Before me I saw youthful hope for our future and very existence as a democracy. In her poem, "The Hill We Climb" this "Skinny black girl, raised by a single mom" had given me the courage I needed to navigate through the hell we were all experiencing. Amanda Gorman is my Sheroe.

Picnic in Paris Mural 10.2021.jpg

"Picnic in Paris" ~ Custom Residential Mural

Painted 10/2021

Ruba!  A woman with a vision! I was so happy to be asked to recreated this romantic scene in the home of this wonderful family!  It truly stretched what I thought I was capable of producing at this transitional time in my life.  See this and other residential murals here.

Freddie ONE Final.jpg
Freddie Mercury 5.5.tif

The Tale of Two Freddies!

"Freddie I"

Painted 8/2021

Commissioned Portrait

My dear client, Lynne, had asked me to paint a portrait of Freddie Mercury. As a professional, I occasionally paint commissions that don't set me on fire but my clients adore.  Not in this case! Freddie was a handsome and dynamic performer that I was thrilled to paint.  I gave my client 6 photos I felt comfortable painting for her to choose from.  She chose pensive Freddie.

"Freddie II"

Painted 9/2021

Commissioned Portrait

However, all the while when I was painting pensive Freddie, I could not stop thinking about dynamic Freddie!  As soon as I finished the first one, I dove into the 2nd.  When my client was up visiting from NYC, she stopped by my studio and BOUGHT HIM, TOO!  Not to mentioned, she also snagged a portrait of John Lennon!  I'm forever grateful to those who love my work and take them home.

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