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Sheroes & Heroes

How They Came to Be

Back in 2016, I began having this sinking feeling. It seemed attitudes, politics and global problems were all getting very dark.  People, seemingly capable of making change, stood back and let the madness happen.  I asked myself, "Where are all the innovators, thinkers, warriors?  Where have all the heroes gone?"


I pondered this question for some time until it dawned on me that here have been many incredible people in the past.  I summoned many who have personally moved me and shaped my ideas and laid them down on canvas with oils.  I hung them up, just for me, to inspire me and give me hope.  Then new young people began to rise and stand up for our future as well. 


Little did I know that so many others longed for heroes, too.  So, I've been selling them and make prints so folks can take them home.  This series of my personal Sheroes & Heroes continues to grow and inspire me to stand up and speak out.

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