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Great Gift Ideas

Please note that these items are sold mostly from my studio in Peekskill, NY. You can see the newest creations on my Facebook page and I would be happy to ship them to you. New ornaments are created starting in September.

Hand-made Ornaments

I create one of a kind, hand crafted ornaments using spent light bulbs!

When you purchase these carefully hand painted, designed and signed ornaments, you save the world in a small but special way. Being passionate about my environment, I think about keeping trash from landfills.  Light bulbs in particular speak to me.  They’re so light and with beautiful shapes.  I just can’t bear to throw them away. Up-cycling is the way to repurpose discarded things and bring joy to everyone.  One local note: the small ornaments (like the white glitter and red with snow in Sample 1) are directly from the marquee of the Paramount Theater in Peekskill, NY!

One of a Kind Earrings

Earring Batch Promo 2019.jpg

Earrings Can Save Your Soul!

When I'm feeling antsy, in between paintings, or when things get super weird, I like to build things. Needless to say, I created a  boatload of earrings in 2020. It saved my soul and kept me going to the studio.  While my spirit was broken, I could still create these beautiful pieces using my design mind while my heart was healing. It makes me happy and makes many happy shoppers, too.

Artful Greeting Cards

Valentine Cards.jpg
Boxed Cards Promo copy.jpg

Original Art Makes for Intriguing Cards

Sometimes it's great to get a $6 greeting card in a grocery store... but many times not!  I offer my original work in greeting card form that is delightful and meaningful. They are available individually and also in boxes of 6.  The boxes make for a lovely gift to the card writers in your life.

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