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Murals add style, dimension and a personal touch to your home or business. 

First, we discuss what style you are looking for.  Is it a mood or a graphic image?  Is it to be realistic or more stylized?  We exchange ideas a possibilities and definitely pictures.  I come to look at your space, get measurements and get a clearer idea of your desired design. This all determines the price and the timeline of your mural.  If desired, I can create a small painting as a sample before we begin.  Everyone is clear and confident before I begin.  I will say that I am deeply respectful of your home and take great care not paint anything but the walls. 


While I love to paint murals, photographing them is a whole different specialty.  The home owner or business just wants the job done so I spare them tumult of bringing in professional lighting equipment which then takes more time.  Here you have images and videos created by me, the painter. 

Dinning Room Tree Mural

Living Room Sky Mural VIDEO

This home owner loves bare trees that show the variety and delicacy of its branches.  Below the chair rail is an ombre design implying depth.  Having the clusters of trees in the corners makes for magic when you walk among them.  They seem to shift and change before your eyes.

The home owner wanted something different but was not sure exactly what. We talked about how the room was used, what she liked and disliked about it.  She did not like how, on a hill, she could not see the sky from her window.  I suggested a subtle and beautiful sky for her walls.  She absolutely loved it!

Pat Cook Tree Mural.jpg

Accent Corner

Sometimes, a small detail can change a look in a big way.  Walking up the steps on this split level ranch, your eyes fall on the wall of the kitchen.  Making an accent corner had changed boring to fabulous!

Pat Cook Wheat Mural Close.JPG
Pat Cook Wheat Mural Full.JPG

Sound Waters Aquarium Mural

SoundWaters is a teaching facility on the Long Island Sound.  Inside they have an aquarium for special fish from the waters outside.  My job was to paint a sky to seamlessly match the photo mural they have above the aquarium... without standing on its hard foam material!  It came out beautifully.

Sound Waters Aquarium Mural ME.jpg

Studio Apartment Mural

Here we have an ombre sky that changes from day to night. The darkest sky is complete with jeweled stars.  The knee wall and columns are treated to look like stone.

Studio Living Area Mural Side.jpg
Studio Dinning Area Mural Stone w Ombre.jpg

Mural Repair

Maria Cloud Mural Repair AFTER 2.jpg
Maria TerBlanche Cloud Mural Repair AFTER.jpg
Maria TerBlanche Cloud Mural Repair BEFORE.jpg

This client had this wonderful custom mural done but now the room is being renovated.  What then?  She called me and I will recreate what was lost.

Also, some murals have that THING that you didn't see at first but just bothers you now.  Let's talk and see what can change.  I will masterfully match colors, textures and styles to make your mural exactly as you like it.

"Picnic in Paris"

Here we have a 20' x 9 1/2' wall with a scene from Paris, France created in a residential study. The homeowner (pictured here) actually set up this picnic in Paris and took a photo for the sole purpose of having it painted as a mural in her study... a woman with VISION!

This is a highly detailed painting was done with common house paint.  Much of the background colors were mixed on the wall.  The lettering in the top left corner was a finishing touch done at her request.

In the clients words: "Maureen, you have bought my Paris picnic from this summer to life in my office, and now I can re-live it everyday! Nothing makes me happier than looking at this mural while I work and sip my coffee. You were an absolute pleasure to work with, I can’t thank you enough!"

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