Winzig Art is art by artist Maureen Winzig.  You'll find many styles, different mediums and unique gift ideas.  I'm a restless artist that paints what I feel relevant at different moments in time.  While my art can reflect our times, I also have to jump away and paint what soothes me.  In winter, I paint spring.  I'll tire of oils and jump to watercolors and visa versa.  When I want to build things, I create ornaments and earrings. It all comes from an unending desire to create and express. 


Soon I'll have an online store, but until then, please feel free to send a message about any of my work.  I hope you will enjoy what you see, tell me what you think, and come to my shows or classes. 

With much love and gratitude ~ Maureen Winzig

What's New

Here I give you Freddie Mercury and, well, Freddie Mercury!  I was commissioned to paint the rather somber, sexy, serious Freddie.  But I had given my client 6 pix to choose from.  I had my eye on a different Freddie... so I painted that one, too!

So we have Freddie I and Freddie II, which my client came back and bought him, also! 

All of my original portraits end up being professionally photographed and converted into high quality giclee prints.

Freddie ONE Final.jpg
Freddie Mercury II FINAL.jpg

Coming Soon

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